Pictured in Left Image: Mark Berry from Gore and Elizabeth Galanis Miller, President of Sealing Devices. Pictured in Right Image: Kyle Montague and Bruce Balthaser from Parker and Terry Galanis, CEO, and Elizabeth Galanis Miller, President from Sealing Devices. 


Lancaster, NY; November 3, 2023

In a testament to six decades of unwavering commitment to excellence, Sealing Devices is proud to announce significant recognitions from two of its long-term partners: Parker Sealing and Shielding Technology and W. L. Gore & Associates. These accolades underscore the company’s steadfast dedication to their suppliers and pivotal role in the industry.

Parker: A Remarkable 60-Year Partnership

Kyle Montague from Parker presented Sealing Devices with the 60-year Parker EMG Distributor Award, a testament to the enduring collaboration between the two companies that began with a modest $157 investment in Parker O-Rings and has evolved into a profound collaboration between the two companies..

Additionally, Sealing Devices was presented with the North Region Geared for Growth award, celebrating the distributor with the largest year-over-year growth. This accolade highlights Sealing Devices’ exceptional performance in providing high-quality sealing solutions to its extensive customer base.

W.L. Gore & Associates: A Two-Decade Milestone

In addition to the Parker EMG Distributor Award and the North Region Geared for Growth award, Sealing Devices was also presented with a Supplier Recognition Award by Mark Berry from W. L. Gore & Associates. This award signifies two decades of dedicated service as the exclusive distribution partner of Gore® Protective Venting products in North America.

Sealing Devices has been a steadfast distributor of Gore® Protective Venting products in North America, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the accessibility and success of these exceptional products across North America. This 20-year journey reflects the company’s dedication to excellence and the strong bond that has been forged with W. L. Gore & Associates.

Reaffirming Excellence

The dual recognition from both Parker and W. L. Gore & Associates signifies Sealing Devices’ exceptional service, reliability, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. It reaffirms their impact on the industry and their integral role in distributing quality products throughout North America.

A Bright Future

As Sealing Devices celebrates its 60th year in business the company looks forward to many more successful years of delivering top-notch sealing solutions. Their enduring partnerships with suppliers like W. L. Gore & Associates and Parker Sealing and Shielding Technology exemplify their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, setting the stage for a promising and prosperous future.