Lancaster, NY; August 14, 2023 Sealing Devices Inc., a premier North American seal and gasket manufacturer, is proud to announce that it is expanding its manufacturing campus in Lancaster, NY, with the purchase of two adjacent buildings. The new buildings located at 35 Ward Road and 4404 Walden Avenue signify Sealing Devices’ continued growth and development. By expanding its footprint, the company aims to bolster its production capabilities, enhance operational efficiency, and better serve its valued customers. The buildings will be the fifth and sixth on Sealing Devices’ complex, concentrated around the intersection of Walden Avenue and Ward Road, marking a significant milestone in the company’s growth and commitment to meeting the needs of its customers.

“We have seen significant growth in the scale and operation of our business over the past couple of years, and the expansion of our manufacturing campus will build upon our strategic plans for continued growth,” said Terry Galanis, Jr., CEO of Sealing Devices. “This year marks our 60th anniversary in business, and we have built up our facilities in Lancaster, NY since 1968. This investment underscores our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We jumped on the opportunity to purchase these two buildings when they became available because we’re committed to growing manufacturing capabilities and providing jobs to the local economy. With the expanded capabilities and resources, we are well-positioned to continue providing industry-leading products and services to our valued customers.”

Key Benefits of the Acquisition:

Increased Production Capacity: Adding the two nearby buildings provides Sealing Devices with substantially more space to scale up its manufacturing operations.

Strategic Location: The new buildings’ proximity to the existing manufacturing campus ensures seamless operations integration.

Dedication to Sustainability: Sealing Devices remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, and these buildings will be subject to eco-friendly retrofits, aligning with the company’s values and contributing to a greener manufacturing process.

Sealing Devices’ decision to expand the manufacturing campus is a response to the increasing demand for seals and gaskets. It reflects the company’s dedication to maintaining its position as a market leader in the aerospace, military/defense, general industrial, and transportation industries. These new buildings will further enhance the company’s capacity, efficiency, and capability to deliver products to its customer base.