Global supply chain issues are affecting most industries one way or another.  Pandemic instability has caused production spikes and valleys in everything from raw material, part production, final assembly, warehousing, and transportation.

Sealing Devices has vast experience in managing inventory, production planning, and alternative product recommendations.  Many customers place long-term orders where we hold parts to supply, as needed.

Right now, the most considerable strain across the sealing device market is in the Fluoro-elastomer and silicone markets for both solid and foam products.  In many cases, specific ingredients were not produced due to Covid and quarantine restrictions.  Now that production has restarted, these ingredients are in high demand.  In addition, we’re seeing issues across the supply chain not only with raw materials, but packaging and cartons, labor shortages at plants, and distribution delays.  We’re seeing longer lead times for global seals and gaskets.  In some cases, product lead times can be as long as twelve months.

Sealing Devices, Inc. is in a unique position to help in many ways:

  1. Extensive Supplier Relations – Because we are a multi-line distributor, fabricator, and manufacturer for seals, gaskets, and elastomer products, we can offer many different product and manufacturing solutions. We’ve established excellent supplier relations with an extensive group of vendors, which means access to parts and material options. In some cases, the same supplier may offer lesser-known products with similar capabilities that may be more readily available than the original solution which is currently unavailable.  In other cases, we can offer an alternative part. Either way, we will find the right solution to keep you up and running.
  2. Expert Product Recommendations – Sealing Devices has a staff of engineers who can work through demanding product specifications to ensure that an alternate solution does not affect the product performance.
  3. U.S. Rubber Molding Capabilities: Sealing Devices in-house rubber molding capabilities offer a domestic manufacturing option that eliminates the extended transit time of product sourced overseas.  When you can help us understand your product needs, we are the most effective at offering solutions.
  4. Future-Proofing  We have significant experience setting up a variety of vendor-managed inventory (VMI) programs that can buffer supply chain variability.  Ranging from simple blanket orders to multi-part Long Term Agreements, these prior arrangements for parts and material on-hand with us here can extend product availability.  This can provide time to react to the ever-changing market with the added benefit of reduced inventory holding costs.

These challenges are not going away any time soon, so let us help you. Reach out, today!