Aerospace Sealing Solutions


At Sealing Devices, we specialize in providing Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) seals designed to meet the rigorous demands of aeronautical applications. The critical importance of high-quality O-rings was dramatically underscored on January 28, 1986, when the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred due to a failed O-ring. This tragedy highlighted the necessity for exceptional O-ring performance under extreme conditions.

Engineered for Extreme Conditions

The Challenger disaster demonstrated that when O-rings are exposed to temperatures below their glass transition temperature (Tg), they lose their elasticity and become brittle, leading to catastrophic failures. In response, the rubber and O-ring industry made significant advancements in design and manufacturing to enhance O-ring reliability and performance.

This pivotal moment drove significant advancements in the design and manufacturing of O-rings, ensuring such failures are prevented in the future. Modern aerospace applications demand sealing solutions that can withstand aggressive fluids, high pressures, extreme temperatures, and the critical need for thermal protection. To meet these demands, we have partnered with industry-leading suppliers such as Parker to provide sealing solutions that make today’s complex systems safer, more comfortable, and more efficient.

Sealing Devices offers advanced low-temperature aerospace O-rings capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -65°F. These O-rings are engineered to perform flawlessly in the frigid conditions encountered at high altitudes, ensuring the integrity and safety of aerospace operations.

Critical Applications in Aerospace

O-rings are essential components in various aerospace systems, contributing to the overall functionality and safety of aircraft. Our AMS O-rings are designed for critical applications, including:

  • Fuel Systems: Ensuring leak-free operation and reliability even in the harshest conditions.

  • Hydraulic Systems: Maintaining performance and safety in essential control systems.

  • Braking and Landing Gear Systems: Providing robust sealing for high-pressure applications.

  • Gas Engine Turbines: Withstanding extreme temperatures and pressures for efficient engine performance.

Product Offerings

Sealing Devices offers aerospace O-rings for the following specifications:

  • 25988 Type 1
  • M25988/4-117

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

At Sealing Devices, we are committed to delivering sealing solutions that exceed the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry. Our AMS seals are designed to enhance the safety, reliability, and performance of aeronautical applications, reflecting our dedication to excellence and innovation.

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