Military Applications

All sealing appliances for military use are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh, unpredictable environments. Each of the various military-grade seals and O-rings that Sealing Devices has to offer have met all the proper military specification. It is important to note that as hand-held electronic devices and military communications become more sophisticated, the internal electronic enclosures must be protected against water, soap, dust and dirt. This requires the highest quality of sealing device.

Electronics generate heat during use, increasing internal temperatures, and building pressure inside the enclosure. Over time, these rapid variations in pressures and resulting vacuums cause seals to develop gaps that allow contaminants to enter and damage the electronics. Battery-operated devices have the additional complexity of gases that the battery emits during normal operation and recharging.

These gases increase the internal pressure within the housing and corrode the electronics and the batteries themselves. In some cases, dangerous concentrations of hydrogen gases can build up, resulting in the potential for explosion. If the internal pressure of the enclosure housing is not equalized, the device eventually fails. This can cause potential safety issues for the end-user. It is imperative to have the proper seals in place to prevent these possibilities.

Sealing Devices offers military O-rings for the 25988 type 1, as well as m25988/4-117.