FKM Viton O-Rings

Fluorocarbon (FKM; Viton®) O-rings

Fluorocarbon (also known as FKM or trade name Viton®) offers excellent resistance to high temperatures and a wide range of chemical solvents—making it an excellent seal material for many demanding applications. Viton® O-rings are commonly used in fuel systems, oil and gas pipelines, and chemical processing plants.

Viton® O-rings have excellent mechanical properties, including resistance to compression set, weathering, and abrasion. Special fluorocarbon compounds can also offer improved resistance to acids, fuels, extreme temperatures, and rapid gas decompression.

Features & Benefits:

  • Good resistance to oxygen, ozone, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fuels, and many other solvents and chemicals, as well as radiation
  • Can normally withstand temperatures from -15 degrees F up to 400 degrees F (-26C to 204C)
  • Resist compression set and weathering, extending maintenance intervals and protecting against seal failure
  • Offer low gas permeability and outgassing rates for reliable service in space and other vacuum applications
  • Perform well in advanced automotive and aerospace fuel systems


Markets & Applications

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical Processing