Thermally Conductive Attachment Tapes

THERMATTACH® Double-Sided Thermal Tapes

Parker Chomerics THERMATTACH® tapes are formulated with acrylic or silicone based pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) loaded with thermally conductive fillers. They are designed to securely bond heat sinks to power dissipating components without an additional clamping mechanism. 


Features & Benefits:

  • Offered in various forms to provide thermal, dielectric, and flame retardant properties
  • Offered in custom die-cut configurations to suit a variety of applications
  • Eliminates the need for mechanical attachment (i.e. screws, clips, rivets, fasteners)
  • Proven reliability under various mechanical, thermal and environmental stresses
  • Embossed version available
  • UL recognized V-0 flammability
  • No curing required, unlike epoxy or acrylic preforms or liquid systems
  • Easily reworkable

Markets & Applications

  • Mount heat sinks to components dissipating < ~25 W
  • Attach heat sinks to PC (esp. graphics) processors
  • Heat sink attachment to motor control processors
  • Telecommunication infrastructure components