Connector Gaskets

CHO-SEAL Conductive Elastomer Connector Gaskets

Parker Chomerics molded conductive elastomer EMI gaskets are available in hundreds of standard sizes. Parker Chomerics connector gaskets are die-cut from premium sheet materials to provide effective EMI shielding and pressure sealing in standard and custom connector applications.

The gaskets are available as Connector Gaskets with Interfacial Mil Spec (MS) connector seals, D-subminature rectangular, and Jam-nut Seals. All of these connector gasket are available in most of our CHO-SEAL conductive elastomer material types. Mil Specs include: MIL-DTL-83528/4, MIL-DTL83528F to name a few.

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior reliability
  • Provides an EMI shield and an environmental seal
  • Resist compression set, accommodate low closure force and help control airflow
  • Multiple configurations available¬†

Configurations Available

  • O-rings and D-rings
  • Mounting flange connectors
  • Interfacial seals
  • Jam Nut Seals
  • Flat washers
  • D-Subminiature rectangular gaskets
  • O-Rings and D-Rings
  • MIL-DTL-83528/4, MIL-DTL83528F conductive flange gaskets