Metal Seals

Ideal for extreme pressure & temperature

Metal Seals are excellent for extreme pressure and temperature applications. They are common in the Aerospace, Oil/Gas/Power, Military, Heavy Industry, Construction Applications. The seals require significant flange load and bolt load to get proper compression to create a seal.

Features & Benefits:

  • Strong Seals for difficult applications
  • Seals handle pressures up to 90,000 psi
  • Seals handle temperatures up to 1800 deg F
  • Available in various allows depending on the service requirements
  • Variety of Surface coatings for different industries

Available Profiles

  • Open “C” ring (internal and external pressure)
  • “C” ring with spring (internal and external pressure)
  • Open “E” ring (internal and external pressure)
  • Vented and unvented Hollow O-Ring
  • Solid O-Ring
  • Open “U” ring (internal and external pressure)