Electrically Conductive Form-in-Place Gaskets

Robotically dispensed form-in-place gaskets

Form-in-Place Gaskets are small gasket elements that are bonded directly onto highly machined or precisely molded customer housing to provide EMI shielding or basic environmental sealing.  Form-in-Place Gaskets are sometimes referred to as Robotically Dispensed Gaskets or Cure-in Place Gaskets.  The robots offer very highly repeatable process that are only limited by the viscosity of the raw materials and the variation in the housings and coatings.  In many cases, there is a significant installation savings with this semiautomated process over manually installing cord on circuitous paths.

For conductive EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) gaskets using CHOFORM® Form-in-Place EMI gasket compounds., shielding effectiveness of up to 75 dB attenuation from 200MHz to 10 GHz can be achieved.   Gaskets can be dispensed on flanges narrower than other gasket solutions due to the high accuracy of the robotic dispensing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Accurate dispensing of conductive compounds intricate perimeter parts
  • Good for small cross sections for low closure force gaskets
  • Outstanding adhesion to many parts
  • Alternative to traditional pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) applications

Compounds Available

  • Silver Copper Filled Silicone
  • Nickel Graphite Filled Silicone
  • Nickel Aluminum Filled Silicone
  • Silver Aluminum Filled Silicone
  • Non-conductive Silicone
  • Non-conductive Fluorosilicone

Curing mechanism include heat cured and moisture cured compounds. There are several design considerations including housing material, housing coatings, compression stop heights, and flange widths. Contact Sealing Device’s Applications Engineering to provide detailed recommendations on these important requirements.