GelTek pre-cured silicone sealant strips & grommets

GelTek sealant strips are pre-cured silicone gels which are die-cuttable solid gels with liquid characteristics.  With self-healing characteristics, they allow for multiple insertions and extractions of the connector contact, while maintaining a seal with the contact removed or inserted.

Connector seal grommets and sealing strips provide sealing and corrosion protection for indoor and outdoor equipment, including connectors and electrical components. The material is cold-applied like conventional tapes and grommets or gaskets, yet it has sealing capabilities similar to high-performance potting compounds and is superior in conformability to traditional elastomeric gaskets. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to compress and “self tacky,” allowing gaskets to “wet out” to surfaces
  • Won’t crack or soften due to temperature, time or vibration
  • “Self-healing,” so GelTek is ideal for wire sealing
  • Gaskets are easily applied and re-worked
  • Don’t require application equipment to install
  • Good for field applications with periodic repair and are stable over the application life


GelTek is an excellent low-pressure gasket that seals surface irregularities, and provides good corrosion protection to prevent moisture from attacking metals.