Custom O-Rings

No matter the application, we can customize a solution to fit your needs

O-rings are available in a number of standard sizes to fit almost every fluid system, but Sealing Devices is well equipped to fabricate O-rings when a custom solution is absolutely necessary. We stock thousands of feet of extruded rubber cord in a wide range of sizes and materials, which can be cut to length and bonded to form an O-ring of any size. When continuous parts are needed, we can mold O-rings from a number of rubber compounds to fit your exact specifications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bonded O-rings are available in a number of compounds and cross sections, and can be made to almost any diameter
  • A vulcanized bond uses the same rubber as the extruded cord, which is cured between the two cut ends to form a joint that is as strong as the rest of the seal
  • Sealing Devices regularly stocks extruded cord, and can quickly fabricate O-rings for prototyping or end-use when molded O-rings are not available
  • Continuous O-rings can be molded to custom sizes and thicknesses, as well as custom groove shapes