3M Adhesives

3M™ PSAs and VHB Tapes

As a 3M™ converter of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) including VHB™ Tapes, we match 3M technologies to your requirements. Our expertise includes part design, quick prototyping, and laminating adhesives to various surfaces.

The 3M™ family of VHB™ Tapes are made of CLOSED CELL acrylic foam and offer flexibility in applications with dynamic forces in exterior environments. The VHB™ Tapes acrylic foam chemistry provides outstanding durability for OEM applications. While many applications can be satisfied with 3M 4941, 3M 4950, and 3M 5952, a review for your application will ensure the correct recommendation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easily die-cut – Precisely fit shapes and aid in assembly

  • Strength – Displace traditional fasteners like rivets, liquid adhesives, spot welds, and other fasteners

  • Clean appearance – No unsightly rivets or spot welds

  • Seals – Tape runs the length of the bond line and seal. Excellent water and humidity resistance

  • Vibration resistant – Acrylic foam distributes stress over the entire area, damp vibration

  • Durability – In continuous use for applications for more than 25 years

  • Separates metals to reduce potential galvanic corrosion

3M™ pressure-sensitive adhesives can be laminated to your material and die-cut into custom shapes. Let our team of experts help with recommendations, part design, laminating, and die-cutting for sponge and rubber parts.