Sealing Devices is an authorized distributor of Gore Protective Vents

GORE® Protective Vents

Equalize enclosure pressure

Sealing Devices Inc. is the North American distributor for protective vents made by W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. We’ve built a strong partnership with Gore to be able to offer GORE® Vents and complementary sealing solutions to customers.

GORE® Vents let sealed enclosures “breathe,” allowing airflow in and out. Membrane vents eliminate pressure differentials created when sealed enclosures are exposed to rapid, recurring changes in environmental conditions. They manage the internal pressure in mobile and outdoor electronics enclosures, packaging and other components, to increase reliability and prevent deformations that could cause component failure.

Benefits of GORE® Vents

  • Virtually eliminate condensation
  • Rapid pressure equalization
  • Block contaminants: water, dust, dirt, liquids
  • Protect against ‘board level’ electronics failures
  • Install easily into existing housing designs


  • Eliminate hazardous gas build up
  • Improve seal performance to eliminate seal failure
  • Good for altitude change pressure elimination
  • Eliminate vacuum in enclosures

Adhesive Series

Low-profile Adhesive vents are available in standard sizes. There are options for high levels of environmental protection and others with high airflow capability. These products are generally intended for pressure equalization, condensation reduction, battery and hydrogen out-gassing, as well as sensor applications.

Snap-in Series

The Snap-In Series delivers fast reliable installation and durable protection for enclosure volumes of all sizes: from less than 0.5 liters up to 30 liters. Ideal for high-throughput or manual production, the Snap-In Series offers multiple performance options, including new PolyVent XS: a compact, low-profile vent for today’s smaller, thinner-walled, lighter-weight enclosures.

Screw-in Series

    The Screw-In Series offers a variety of performance options that durably withstand mechanical stresses and rugged environments. They all provide oleophobic membranes and are hydrolytically-stable, UV- and temperature-resistant. Compare all the PolyVent options, including the enhanced GORE® PolyVent Stainless Steel, now top-rated “IK10” for mechanical impact resistance. It provides exceptional protection that helps enclosures up to 20 liters withstand the toughest mechanical and environmental conditions.

    Acoustic Series

      Acoustic vent technology enhances sound transmittance compared with standard protective vents while continuing to provide advanced ingress protection. Options are available for both microphone and speaker solutions. Acoustic vents are available in high acoustic performance and high ingress protection options. 

      Sealing Devices is an authorized distributor of Gore Protective Vents

      As the technical partner for this line, Gore requires we confirm fitness for use before providing a part recommendation, quote or samples. Please fill out the attached application form and return to to submit a quote request.