GORE Case Studies

Reduce Condensation in Sealed Enclosures

How to Extend the Service Life of LED Outdoor Lighting

Increase Service Life of Solar Tracking Systems by Equalizing Pressure

Improve Lighting Reliability by Equalizing Pressure

Efficiency of LED luminaires significantly increased

Increase Performance of Protective Cases by Eliminating Vacuum

Impact of Pressure Changes on Sealed Enclosures

Eliminate Internal Vacuum to Prevent Water Damage and Corrosion

Improve Lighting Performance by Reducing Condensation

Halogen Lamp Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions On Deck

Improve Antenna Alignment Monitoring by Reducing Condensation

Ensure RF System Reliability with the Right IP Rating for Heavy Rain Conditions

Reliability Testing of GORE® Protective Vents in Telecommunications Enclosures

Quality Assurance Testing for Adhesive Vents

Unknown Problem with Airtight Enclosures

Condensation Reduction in Security Cameras: Comparative Performance of GORE® Protective Vents versus Desiccants

Impact of Environmental Hazards on Internal Soiling Within Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) Modules

Reliability Testing of GORE® Protective Vents in LED Luminaires

Reliability in Network Infrastructure

Temperature Cycling Tests to Evaluate Product Life

Equalize Pressure to Ensure Reliable LED-Based Outdoor Luminaires

Under Pressure – Stress Reducing Tactic for Enclosures

Pressure Equalization for Extended Life – A 5 Year Study of Gore Protective Vents

GORE® Protective Vents Enable Battery Outgassing in Waterproof Enclosures