WASHINGTON DC. – March 19, 2024 – This year at Satellite 2024, Sealing Devices Inc. is set to highlight our contributions to space exploration with our advanced sealing solutions. Our participation underscores our commitment to advancing space and satellite technology.

Addressing Space Sector Challenges

The space industry’s extreme conditions require highly reliable engineering solutions. Components must endure the vacuum of space, temperature extremes, and exposure to aggressive substances. Sealing Devices Inc. provides solutions that meet these challenges, ensuring mission success.

Custom Solutions for Space Applications

Understanding that space missions have unique requirements, Sealing Devices Inc. offers tailored sealing solutions. Our involvement in Satellite 2024 showcases our role in supporting the new era of space exploration with custom-engineered products.

Satellite 2024 Highlights

NEW! Radome Sealing Solutions Demonstration

The demo unit shown here and at our Satellite 2024 booth was inspired by a recent project in which many of the same sealing and venting products were recommended for use in a functional radome.

  • Innovative Sealing Technologies: We’ll present our latest sealing materials and designs, capable of withstanding space’s harsh conditions. Our R&D efforts have produced solutions surpassing aerospace application standards.
  • Engineering Partnerships: We work alongside aerospace engineers and designers from concept to launch, ensuring our seals meet each mission’s specific needs.
  • Real-World Applications: Our seals are used in various space applications, from satellite communications to exploration. We’ll share success stories and case studies at Satellite 2024, demonstrating our contributions to space missions.
Explore New Frontiers with Us

The importance of dependable, high-performance sealing solutions in space exploration cannot be overstated. Sealing Devices Inc. is at the forefront of this field, supporting missions that expand our knowledge and capabilities.



Sealing Devices is celebrating 60 years as a privately held manufacturer and distributor of seals, gaskets, O-rings, EMI shielding, custom molded rubber, and adhesives. Throughout its six decades of operation, the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence has been unwavering. Sealing Devices is headquartered outside of Buffalo, NY, with additional offices in Rochester, NY; Erie, PA; and Melbourne, FL. They are Veteran-Owned and Small Business & ITAR registered. Sealing Devices was recently named as a Buffalo News Top Workplace for 2024.



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