This notification is intended to inform you of a product material change that Parker has implemented. Some of the products we provide to you have this material specified on the Bill of Materials.

Please see the below statement that has been issued by Parker.


Subject: V0747-75 Continuation

As you are likely aware, there are significant dynamics in the fluorocarbon polymer supply chain, and this affects Parker compound V0747-75.

We have made the decision to keep the V0747-75 product name and change the formula to use an alternate brand of fluorocarbon polymer from another supplier. There are no meaningful performance differences between V0747-75 made with the current polymer and V0747-75 made with the alternate brand of polymer. We have been using this alternate brand of polymer in other compounds with success for some time. We consider this a change of chemical supplier and NOT a change in compound formula.

This change will occur in our manufacturing plants on April 1, 2023, meaning any product manufactured with a cure date of 2Q23 or later will be made with the alternate supplier. We will not be discarding existing finished goods inventory, and it is possible that future orders will be filled from this existing inventory unless new production is specified on your order.
In addition to the cure date cut-off, we will know the first batch number made with the alternate supplier. Finished parts will be traceable back to the supplier of each ingredient through the batch number.

Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient supply of the current polymer to accept “one last buy” orders of the current material. Because of the sheer number of customers and part numbers involved, we also do not have the flexibility to consider different transition dates or extensions for certain customers.

If this change is not acceptable, we suggest converting orders to Parker compounds VA075-75 or VM330-75 as alternates.

The full letter from Parker can be read here.

Thank you for choosing Sealing Devices.  We understand you may have questions or concerns, and we will help with the transition in any way we can.