Interconnected technology — from telemetric data to the IIOT is enabling heavy-duty agricultural, construction and material-handling equipment to be more efficient, productive and less labor-intensive. In these industries, failure is not an option as it will have a direct impact on costs and productivity. That means today’s sophisticated and complex technology must be as robust and trustworthy as the equipment itself. It must withstand the same harsh operating conditions: dirt, water, humidity and high temperatures.

And like the equipment, the technology must meet customers’ expectations for reliable performance over many years. That’s where we can help. Sealing Devices is an Authorized Distributor for Gore® Protective Vents that protect your technology from new challenges faced by heavy-duty equipment. We can recommend a sealing and venting solution that can improve the reliability of your electronic components and systems, and help you address today’s challenges: Life Expectancy, Limited Space, Reduced Design Costs, Improve Integration.

Sealing Devices is Equipped to Help you with your Product Sealing Needs

Supplying seals, gaskets and vents that are ideal for electronic enclosures subjected to outdoor elements to increase equipment life expectancy and performance reliability.

Custom Gaskets

EMI Shielding




Adhesive Vents

Common Applications for Venting Solutions

Human Machine Interface (HMI):

  • Prevent electronic failures due to pressure, contamination
    and/or condensation.

Data Collection & Asset Fleet Tracking:

  • Improve Reliability and Manage Condensation

Electric Industrial Equipment Vehicles:

  • Reduce Pressure in Battery Enclosures

Sealing Solutions for Industrial Equipment Electronics

We know it can be challenging to find the right solution when electronics are exposed to extreme conditions.  Sealing Devices has a range of standard and custom sealing solutions that can work in parallel with GORE® Vents to reliably protect sensitive electronics from dirt, water, heat and humidity, to keep material handling, construction and agricultural equipment performing reliably in the harshest operating conditions.

If you’re encountering issues with your current solution or working on a new application, please reach out to our team of applications engineers and customer service representatives.  We’ll be happy to look at it, and make some recommendations.